DG Lab PACS Solutions

ICARE Tele Radiology Solution –DGLabs provides affordable teleradiology solution for Electronic Transmission of Radiological Images from one location to another for the purposes of Interpretation, Consultation and Reporting.

Imaging centers can be radiologist free and it also allows radiologist to work from location of their preference. Patient can also get specialist second advise.

?Cloud based work flow are incorporated in DGLAB for fast diagnosis by radiologist or telerads .Storage of images for future reference is also done. DGLab is helpful in

Reducing turnaround time of Diagnosis and reporting using fast image transfer and advanced diagnostic tools.

Providing User friendly interface and fast Record Searching tools.

High performance even on slow networks also.

Easily accessible on different devices like mobile, laptop ,tab etc.

Easy access to digital image that has been captured from MR, CT, DX, Camera, other imaging modalities, to radiologist & referring physicians for advanced diagnosis. Thus, improved patient safety and error elimination.

Better diagnosis capability by enabling image manipulation to show disparity in tissue for annotation capture in image such as rectangle, eclipse, text, line & angle.?

Template based reporting makes reporting automated and easy to use.

DGLab enable one specialist radiologist to be on duty of multiple hospitals.

Boundaries between healthcare institution regarding transfer of patient records have disappeared.